Technical details


Nerva Traian Blvd. 25A – 25B


The NewTimes Residence complex  consists out of two blocks of flats, with common basement area. It is located in the center of Bucharest, near Piata Unirii. Each building is divided into P + 11 + 1R. The apartments in each building are arranged on a single scale.
Architectural concept aims to meet the needs of a contemporary urban aesthetic, Nerva Traian boulevard area completing the picture with this modern and urban presence.
The result is a unified image, elegant, full of personality. The complex is defined by comfort and elegance, absolute principles needed to ensure residents a relaxed life with their loved ones.



1.1.1. Resistance structure
The resistence structure is provided by a mixed system of frame and reinforced concrete diaphragms   with floors of reinforced concrete.

1.1.2. Perimeter closings (exterior walls)
The exterior walls are made of brick, Porotherm type with a thickness of 25 cm which gives a superior thermal comfort, improved by plating a insulating facade system - composed of polystyrene 10 cm thick and decorative plaster with repellent properties or basaltic mineral wool and ventilated facade system.

1.1.3. Interior partitions (interior walls)
Separation walls between apartments and apartments / staircase are of brick masonry, thickness of 25 cm, covered with plaster.
Partition walls inside the apartments and facilities chutes are made out of   10 cm thick brick, covered with plaster. Inside housings, columns installations are insulated with Armaflex type insulation.

1.1.4. Exterior joinery
The exterior joinery is made out of gray PVC profiles, with glass panes 6 rooms, clear, low-E protection.
Also, at the exterior natural stone window sills are provided.
The standard windows are in a leaf or two leaves, the latter having a semi mobile part / simple-opening, with locking and a semi mobile part, with dual-opening.
The standard package does not include: roller shutters, insect nets, another type of glass than the clear one, air conditioning. You can opt for these facilities after the apartments reception, the purchases and installations bring additional work to the extent that their installation is possible from a technical standpoint.
Joinery access to the building is made of aluminum.


1.2.1. Plastering and painting interiors
Inside the apartments, divisions are made of BCA masonry type. Also, it ends up with dry plaster ceilings (gypsum - cardboard) and layer of plaster.
As standard, the walls and ceilings are flat, without decorative elements (policies, shelves, suspended ceilings), these elements constitute additional work which can be performed only after receiving apartments.
Staircase walls and ceilings are finished with decorative plaster also.
The painting walls and ceilings both inside the apartments and common spaces is made with washable paint color white.

1.2.2. Ceramic tiles and other finishes
The apartments are offered for purchase with special finishing in areas that require protection against moisture. In apartment lobbies, bathrooms and kitchens benefit from plywood wall and / or floor of natural stone (marble). The Terraces and balconies of the apartments have ceramic tiles for outdoor (frost-resistant) and wear layer skid.
The floor lobby access in the building and the common access stairs are finished with natural stone cladding (granite) and finishing common areas are correlated in terms of color provided by other decorative elements (ceilings, lights, railings, trellises, etc.).

1.2.3. Parquet
In the hallway, bedrooms and living room, the floor is finished with three layer parquet, light colored.
The connection between the parquet and the marble flooring will be achieved by using profiles of passage.

1.2.4. Interior woodwork     
The interior doors are cellular, finished with veneer, full or clipped depending on positioning and satin stainless steel hardware.
The entrance doors in the apartments have multipoint metal closures, provided with viewfinder, finished with decorative panels.
To ensure a uniform look in common areas, access doors in the apartment will be identical.

1.2.5. Parapets and other decorative items
Protective railing on the staircase ramp will be made of metal.
Luminaires positioned in the hallway access to the building ensure optimal illumination of the space and also serve as decorative accent color. Those serving the rest of the staircase are simpler, ensuring proper lighting and cohesive look of it.


1.3.1. Facade finishing

Types and sizes of the facade are set by PT-DDE documentations, modifying them (dimensional or location) coming under the scope of the building permit.
The general finish type of the facade is composed of expanded polystyrene insulation system 10 cm thick and decorative plaster with water-repellent properties or basaltic mineral wool and ventilated façade system.
The parapet balconies - the side will be made of masonry, height of 1 m, and the front balconies will be made of tempered glass 12mm. The underside of balconies / terraces is finished with the same kind of plasters used in the facade.

1.3.2. Balconies / terraces
The terraces with closed rooms undernneth will be provided with a termohidroizolant- polystyrene package and bitumen insulation.

1.3.3. Parapets and other decorative items
The handrail is covered with natural stone, and the color is chosen form the RAL color pallet , in direct correlation with shades of the decorative plaster facade.

1.3.4. landscaping
Exterior lighting of the building is ensured by applying lighting type, mounted in the common areas and access to the building.


1.4.1. Types of bathrooms
Bathrooms are delimited on :  type 1 bathroom, type 2 bathroom.
Thus we have:

Bath type 1 - with tub - including:

- Rectangular tub.
- Ceramic sink seated on countertop or furniture
- Ceramic toilet bowl and tank lid
- Related Battery

Bath type 2 - with shower - including:

- Shower cabin,
- Ceramic sink seated on countertop
- Ceramic toilet bowl and tank lid
- Related Battery

One bathroom in each apartment has the necessary connections to equip the washing machine (water and sewer). Where appropriate, they can be installed right next to the bathroom, in the hallway of the apartment.

1.4.2. Drainage
Columns and escape wastewater routes (bathrooms and kitchens) and the storm water are made out of PVC.

1.4.3. Sewerage
Sewerage is made of PP pipes, KG type.

1.4.4. Cold water supply
Each apartment is individually metered regarding the current cold water supply system.Colums and cold water distribution routes are made out of polypropylene. In chutes installations trails cold water pipes are insulated to prevent condensation. The building is supplied with drinking water by direct connection to public utilities and is equipped with its own water pump station for emergency situations.

Heating and hot water are provided by thermal powered stations located in each apartment. Central heating corresponds in terms of fire safety and operational safety as well as all technical regulations in force.
The heating elements are aluminum radiators, panel type. They are fitted as standard panel radiators in rooms and bathrooms portprosop type. Also the radiators are equipped with closing valves.
Distribution routes from the central heatings radiators are made of insulated PEX pipe, buried in the dig.


The bathrooms that do not have natural ventilation (windows) are provided with ventilation columns, equipped with axial fans.
To facilitate the retrofitting of apartments with split type air conditioners, they were made separate electrical circuits that provide power sockets equipped with electric air conditioning systems. The purchase and installation of air conditioning is subject to works coming out of standard features, they can be achieved after the apartments receipt by the buyer, installation and taking condensation being achieved only with the SC Commercial Vitan SRL agreement.


Each apartment is individually metered for the consumed electricity. It is also provided with a separate counter for common areas.
The wires used for electrical tarcks are made of copper.
In each apartment, about half the outlets are simple and half double, according to the plans, annex and to the pre-contract or contract of sale. Telephone sockets / TV are simple (one telephone / apartment) and mounted a single dose / room. Each apartment is provided with an outlet for the internet instalatino. For standard kitchens, there are made separate circuits for the following consumers: dishwasher, oven / electric hob, extractor, fridge.
Making electrical installation involves: connecting the appartment panel to the buildings general panel and making the circuits from the apartment panels to the appliances and consumers of the apartment.
Any network / special circuits: sound equipment, security systems, etc., represent works that are not included in the standar incidence equipment, they can be achived after receipt by the buyer of the apartment.


To ensure optimal working conditions and compliance with safety exploitations, each place of consumption / gas supply (thermal plant) is equipped with detection systems and protection from gas leaks - solenoid. Each apartment will have individual a gas supply contract.


The building is fully connected to existing utilities in the area: water supply, sewerage, electricity, gas, phone, cable TV. Utility metering is delimited on each apartment and common space.
The building is equipped with two electric elevators. Each elevator is equipped with a safety device in the event of electricity interruption, so the cabins do not remain trapped between floors, but to be brought to the nearest station to evacuate the people in it.
For constant surveillance of the building at the entrance of the building was made a reception area, wich consists of a reception area. Also in the lobby access to the building the letterboxes are placed for each apartment, so that the proper distribution and protection of correspondence can be assured.
Also, for restricting access to the building the video-intercom instalation will be used, facility provided in the entrance of the building, individually connected to the interior apartment posts (one inside post / apartment). Household waste disposal is done by garbage collection chambers being provided on each level.